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Hanabee Entertainment Announce a Trio of Titles for February 2016 Release


Cast your gaze forward a month, as Australian anime publisher Hanabee Entertainment have confirmed that a trio of new titles will be available from them starting February 11th 2016. Available on both DVD and Blu-ray, these three series can be picked up via either their official online store or select retailers of anime.

While one of these is the second volume in an already released series, two of these are making their home video debut, with one of them being a completely new acquisition by the publisher. If you are curious what is on offer from Hanabee in February 2016, take a look at the list below:

Aldnoah.Zero Part Two
DVD/Blu-ray | $49.99 for Either Format | Dual Audio | 144 Minutes

As Slaine protects Princess Asseylum’s secret whilst under interrogation from the VERS Empire, Inaho and the others launch a plan to contact the United Forces of Earth Headquarters using the newly acquired Deucalion.

Their plans however fall into jeopardy when Count Saazbaum prepares to launch an attack. Can Asseylum fulfill her ultimate goals or will she fall victim to the greater scheme at play?

NOTE: The Blu-ray edition comes with a bonus artbook and limited edition slipcase.

Chaika The Coffin Princess – Season 1
DVD/Blu-ray | $59.99 for Either Format | Dual Audio | 288 Minutes

It’s a collection of flesh and bone for a young girl’s path of redemption.

An end of a war against the Gaz Empire has left numerous soldiers bred for the call of battle lost and drifting amongst the quiet civilian lifestyle. When ex-soldier Toru Acura stumbles across a chance to re-engage his saboteur side, he and his sister jump at the chance.

Except the retired soldier has now become a thief and isn’t this a complete direction change to life? Nevertheless Toru is prepared to follow Chaika, strange girl and her coffin, in the hopes of finding meaning even if it requires him to go and complete questionable actions.

Tamako Market – Season 1
DVD/Blu-ray | $59.99 for Either Format | Dual Audio | 288 Minutes

It’s a sweet life for Tamako, as it’s her business to know all about mochi, a traditional Japanese dessert. In between attending High School and hanging out with friends, there isn’t much she is missing. But when a parrot stumbles in to the fray emotions and complications are about to be discovered. 

Will Mochizo, son of the rival mochi store, finally confess or will Kanna’s feelings win over Tamako’s heart? No matter the issue, there will sure to be a sweet note to this story!

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