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Available This Month From Hanabee Entertainment [October 2015 Edition]


While their release schedule for November 2015 onwards remains a mystery as of writing, what we do know is that Australian anime publisher Hanabee Entertainment are set to release a trio of new titles this month. All of these will be officially available starting 15 October 2015 via both the official Hanabee online store and select anime retailers across Australia.

More information on all of Hanabee’s titles for this month can be found below:

Brynhildr in the Darkness
DVD/Blu-ray | $59.99 for Either Format | Dual Audio | 336 Minutes Across 14 Episodes

Still haunted by the death of a childhood friend, Ryouta Murakami goes through life with the dream to fulfil their last wish – to prove the existence of aliens. Being his school’s first and only member for the astronomy club, Ryouta spends his evening looking to the stars in search for proof with little to no results. But when his school receives a new exchange student, who shares an eerily similar appearance and name to his childhood friend, hold the answers?

Irregular At Magic High School Part 2
DVD/Blu-ray | $59.99 for Either Format | Japanese Dub | 264 Minutes Across 11 Episodes

Just as Miyuki and Tatsuya have settled into their new school, a new challenge approaches them. The National Magic High School Goodwill Magic Game Convention (a.k.a. the “Nine Schools Competition”) is fast approaching and the two siblings are to be participants in the games. However this exhibition of the nation’s elite is about to become deadly with evidence of tampering happening against members of First High School. Can Tatsuya and his friends find the cheat before they cost them the championship and their lives?

Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai
DVD/Blu-ray | $49.99 for Either Format | Japanese Dub | 288 Minutes Across 12 Episodes

What do you do when a monitor is your window to the outside world? Passing high school is hard enough for your average teenager, but when you’re unable to interact with the outside world it’s almost down right impossible. For hikikomori, Sasami Tsukuyomi, a shut-in unable to leave her home, she’s relying on her brother to help pass her first year in high school using her “Brother Surveillance Tool”. Interacting with the world through her brother’s eyes, Sasami is about to meet the three odd Yagami sisters whose looks belie their characters. Can Sasami unravel the mystery surrounding the trio even if it means stepping out in the “real” world?

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