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Hanabee to Publish The Irregular At Magic High School Part 1 Starting Next Month


Although you are currently unable to pre-order this from the official Hanabee Store as of posting, Australian anime publisher Hanabee have confirmed that fans will be able to pick up Part 1 of 2014 anime The Irregular At Magic High School (魔法科高校の劣等生) starting August 13 2015.

Available for pre-order through the official Hanabee Store on DVD and Blu-ray, this collection will feature 7 episodes (168 minutes approx). It will also only be available with the original Japanese dub (w/ English subtitles). Despite the fact that this collection will feature only a little more than half the episodes found in one standard season of anime, it is currently priced at a standard $59.99.

Official Synopsis for The Irregular At Magic High School

The year is 2095 and magic has been scientifically broken down to highly advanced technology. Users are known as “magic technicians” and are highly valuable individuals in every country for their power and potential. For the Shiba siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki, they have just been accepted into the prestigious First Affiliated High School and quickly on their way to becoming well respected magic technicians.

But when Miyuki is accepted into the well respected first course and Tatsuya is relegated into the second course for his lack of practical magic skill, a divide may quickly come between the pair.

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