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A Minor, Upcoming Change to The Otaku’s Study



Although I remain undecided if this will be introduced retrospectively to posts made prior to this announcement, it is my decision to split the Anime section of The Otaku’s Study into three separate regional sections – Australia/New Zealand, North America and Japan/Other Regions. These will each have an individual URL structure /AnimeAU/, /AnimeNA/ and /AnimeJP/, while all prior posts will maintain their original /Anime/ structure.┬áIt would also be my ambition to open up an /AnimeEU/ section of this site in the coming months. Each section will be displayed separately in the header menu of this site.

While all articles are available to readers irrespective of which region in the world they are from, this will allow me to better provide local-relevant articles, news and reviews to readers of this site.

As always, The Otaku’s Study strives to provide you with the latest news and reviews of items purchasable through home video media (DVD, Blu-ray etc) or otherwise available to watch officially through video-on-demand services including AnimeLab, Crunchyroll and The Anime Network.

Founder of The Otaku's Study. I have been exploring this labyrinth of fandom these last fifteen years, and still nowhere close to the exit yet. Probably searching for a long time to come.


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