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Viz Media to Resume Streaming of New Sailor Moon Crystal Episodes Tomorrow



VIZ Media have announced that they will be resuming their online streaming of Sailor Moon Crystal as the series enters the “Black Moon Arc”. The premiere of Act 14: Conclusion and Commencement – PETITE ÉTRANGERE will begin on January 17th 2015. This will be followed by the simulcast premiere of Act. 15: Infiltration – SAILOR MARS on February 7th 2015.

As with all VoD online streams, this will be available with the original Japanese voice acting and English subtitles. Streaming will be available through both Viz Media’s own Neon Alley and Hulu.

The Black Moon arc follows the Sailor Guardians as they are reawakened with stronger powers as an enemy force comes from the past to destroy Usagi and her friends’ future. New Sailor Guardians also appear to help Sailor Moon face her toughest foe yet. Check out a Japanese trailer for this arc HERE.

Unlike the original TV anime series that deviated considerably from Maoko Takeuchi’s manga series, Sailor Moon Crystal is much more faithful to its source material, retelling the story of Sailor Moon as she searches for her fellow Sailor Guardians and the Legendary Silver Crystal to stop the dark forces of Queen Beryl. The original TV anime series is currently being redubbed and published by VIZ Media.

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