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Hanabee Entertainment – What You Can Buy This Month (November 2014 Edition)


After a number of sizable releases in recent months, Australian anime publisher Hanabee Entertainment are set to unleash another massive compilation of anime starting tomorrow. Especially with University holidays coming up in the next few weeks, it is important to make a plan of what you are going to watch over the next couple of months in your free time (I know I will be!).

For those wanting a quick and easy list of what the Hanabee crew have on offer this month, divert your eyes below!

PLACEHOLDER_Gatchaman-DVD_largeGatchaman Crowds
DVD/Blu-ray | $59.99/$64.99 | Hybrid Dub | Action/Drama/Sci-Fi

Let’s update our world!

GALAX is the latest social app to sweep the world by storm. Make friends, play games and help save the world, there isn’t anything that GALAX can’t do. But this great social app might cause more problems than it solves when people become involved with the CROWDS system, a self-empowering side app to GALAX. 

Providing ordinary individuals’ unprecedented power and led by a half-crazed individual named Katze, who wishes to destroy the world as its creator – trouble is surely afoot. But there’s one more line of defense before it all turns to chaos and they’re known as Gatchaman. Hidden superheroes with unique powers, they will solve all of our problems.

HB0170_ef_DVD_BOXSET_3D_flat_largeEF: Tale of Memories & Melodies DVD Box Set
DVD/Blu-ray | $79.99/$89.99 | Hybrid Dub | Drama/Romance

This is a string of interwoven stories over love won and love lost. 

ef ~ a tale of memories tells the story of Hiro Hirono, who meets Miyako Miyamura on Christmas Eve and their unlikely friendship. But as their relationship evolves Hiro’s childhood friend, Kei Shindou, enters the fray. Meanwhile Renji Asou is learning how to love a girl that won’t ever remember him properly. 

The sequel, ef ~ a tale of melodies, focuses itself on both the past and present. Years ago Yu meets Yuko in high school as they reconnect after a ten-year separation while in the present Shuichi Kuze is finding a new lease on life through one Mizuki Hayama. But with both pairs battling their own personal demons will they be able to receive their happy ending? 

HB0181_RWBYVol2_DVD_3D_Flat_largeRWBY Volume 2
DVD / Blu-ray | $29.99/$34.99 | English Dub | Action/Drama

[No Description Currently Listed by Hanabee]

Promoted Features Include

12 chapters, running over 145 minutes
4 “World of Remnant” history lesson videos
Volume 2 Trailer
Chapter 1 Storyboards
4 Behind the scenes “Production Diaries”
4 audio commentary tracks

HB0183_RedVsBlueSeason12_DVD_3D_Flat_largeRed vs. Blue Season 12
DVD/Blu-ray | $29.99/$34.99 | English Dub | Action/Drama

[No Description Currently Listed by Hanabee]

Promoted Features Include

19 chapters, running approximately 3 hours
Audio Commentary
Blooper Reel
Deleted Scenes
Season 12 Teaser Trailer
4 PSAs
Character Journal Entries

HB0156_Gargantia_DVD_3D_Flat_5de6ea60-cf6f-41f4-a7f3-b62b58fd53cf_largeGargantia on the Verdurous Planet
DVD/Blu-ray | $59.99/$64.99 | Hybrid Dub | Drama/Romance/Sci-Fi

In the distant future, mankind has taken to exploring the stars. From their travels they’ve established a new utopia called Avalon under the leadership of the Galactic Alliance of Humankind. But even with this newfound paradise, peace still eludes mankind as they’re caught in an ongoing struggle with an alien species known as the Hideauze.

Ledo is a soldier of the war, and finds himself stranded on an unfamiliar planet after a disastrous battle. Stuck with no means to contact the Alliance, Ledo is left with no choice but to acclimatise with the humans on Gargantia, a fleet of ships that sail across the forgotten planet Earth. But as he and his new found friends learn about each other’s worlds, they’re about to uncover a shared connection that has far reaching consequences.

HB0153_Otorimonogatari_COMBO_3D_Flat_157cfa89-e61f-4aa2-a94e-1895359ceb1c_largeOtorimonogatari Combo Pack
DVD+Blu-ray | $49.99 | Japanese Dub | Drama/Romance/Sci-Fi

This is a lie told to you, to hide herself.

Nadeko Sengoku’s past with snakes is coming back to haunt her. Kuchinawa, the snake God of the shrine, is asking for penance after her violent sacrifices in order to lift a curse. But the path of redemption is hazy at best, when tasked with the duty of recovering Kuchinawa’s body with little to no clues to go on.

As Nadeko blindly searches for the body, she starts on a path of self-discovery. Hidden emotions come to the forefront and Nadeko is forced to confront the realities of her situation. Atonement gone astray, this is the story of Nadeko’s life as both the culprit and a victim.

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