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DuRaRaRa!!x2 – New Key Visual Released



As of next year, fans of the DuRaRaRa!! anime series will be able to return once again to Ikebukuro, with another adaptation of Ryohgo Narita and Suzuhito Yasuda’s light novel series. Titled DuRaRaRa!!x2, this second season will hopefully deliver the same non-linear/multi-perspective approach to storytelling, with many original members of the 2010 production team being involved.

The official website for the DuRaRaRa!! anime franchise has been recently updated to feature a new piece of key art for the season, which can be found above.

DuRaRaRa!!x2 is set to begin airing in Japan from January 2015. Currently there is no international publisher that has come forward having acquired the simulcast/distribution rights for the series, however it is a safe assumption that Aniplex of America (North America), Siren Visual (Australia) and Anime Limited (UK) will be handling the sequel.

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