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Hanabee Entertainment Set to Launch In-House Encoding and Authoring Services



Australian anime publisher Hanabee Entertainment have this morning announced the addition of Carl Ardron to their team in the role of Production and IT Development Manager. This news is made all the more awesome by the fact that his 12 years of experience will see him oversee the company’s development of its own in-house authoring and encoding service. While the company haven’t elaborated just what it means for their releases yet, presumably only good things for the consumer can come from it!

Carl Ardron | Production and IT Development Manager at Hanabee Entertainment

As video entertainment becomes increasingly accessible and the modes of access more numerous the challenges to successfully meet customer expectation require a company to be agile, innovative and ambitious. It is also important to have fun whilst doing it. Hanabee has all these qualities and more. I look forward to working with Hanabee immensely.

Eric Cherry | President and CEO of Hanabee Entertainment

Carl’s near-obsession over quality is something inspiring to be around. One of Hanabee’s central purposes is to set the benchmark in this area and I’m simply thrilled this opportunity to work together has emerged.

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