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CrunchyRoll to Stream World Conquest Zvezda Plot



Anime streaming service CrunchyRoll have continued to expand their Winter 2014 anime release slate by confirming the addition of World Conquest Zvezda Plot, a new series from animation studio A-1 Pictures which is to be available through their website on the 11th January 2014 at 9:30AM Pacific Time. Further episodes will be available each Saturday, and free users will have to watch the show a week behind their premium membership counterparts.

CrunchyRoll have been very specific about what regions can watch their stream. These include: North America, South America, Europe (EXCEPT the UK, IE and both French and GErman speaking regions), Middle East, Arab League and South Africa.


What does it take to CONQUER THE WORLD?!  Every leader of the past has thought of it… but all they have done was to merely dream of its greatness. World domination…nobody has been able to achieve it. Until one little girl by the name of Kate Hoshimiya came along.  Kate Hoshimiya will shock the world! 

How was she was able to carry out such a MAGNIFICENT stunt? So FRIGHTFUL! So GLORIOUS!  Could this be…the ZVEZDA PLOT?!  Let the light of our great ZVEZDA shine upon this land far and wide!


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