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Sentai Filmworks Announce English Voice Cast for Girls und Panzer


While December 2013 is set to mark Sentai Filmworks’ entry into the subtitled Blu-ray release market, they are sticking with their usual Hybrid dubbed blu-ray (and DVD) release for Girls und Panzer. With a sizable character cast (Just look at the image above), they have had to enlist a sizable number of their female English voice talent to fill many of the lead roles.

Featuring dub direction by Janice Williams, the full list of voice roles is available below:


Team Anglerfish

Miho Nishizumi                           Meg McDonald

Saori Takabe                              Jessica Calvello

Hana Isuzu                                 Caitlynn French

Yukari Akiyama                           Rebekah Stevens

Mako Reizei                               Molly Searcy


Team Turtle

Anzu Kadotani                            Rozie Curtis

Yuzuko Koyama                          Meaghan Avocato

Momo Kawashima                       Kendal McClellan


Team Duck

Noriko Isobe                              Genevieve Simmons

Taeko Kondou                            Kalin Coates

Shinobu Kawanishi                      Cynthia Martinez

Akebi Sasaki                              Carli Mosier


Team Hippo

Caesar                                       Shannon Emerick

Erwin                                        Luci Christian

Saemonza                                  Tiffany Terrell

Oryou                                        Nancy Novotny


Team Rabbit

Azusa Sawa                                Allison Sumrall

Ayumi Yamagou                          Savannah Menzel

Karina Sakaguchi                        Monica Rial

Yuuki Utsugi                               Maggie Flecknoe

Aya Oono                                  Juliet Simmons


Team Mallard

Sodoko                                     Tiffany Grant

Pazomi                                      Emily Neves

Gomoyo                                    Shelley Calene-Black


Team Leopon

Nakajima                                   Beth Lazorou

Hoshino                                    Diane Gallagher

Suzuki                                       Brittney Karbowski

Tsuchiya                                    Luci Christian


Team Anteater

Nekonya                                    Natalie Rial

Piyotan                                     Maggie Flecknoe

Momoga                                    Olivia Swasey

Kuromorimine Girls High School

Maho Nishizumi                          Kim Prause

Erika Itsumi                               Elizabeth Bannor


Darjeeling                                  Kara Greenberg

Orange Pekoe                            Ally Piotrowski

Kei                                            Emily Neves

Katyusha                                   Hilary Haag

Nonna                                       Shannon Emerick

Ami Chouno                               Shelley Calene-Black

Shinzaburou                               David Matranga

Shiho Nishizumi                          Genevieve Simmons

Additional Voices

  • Leraldo Anzuldua
  • Christopher Ayres
  • Elizabeth Bannor
  • Diane Gallagher
  • Beth Lazorou
  • David Matranga
  • Cynthia Martinez
  • Carli Mosier
  • Ally Piotrowski
  • Natalie Rial
  • John Swasey
  • Olivia Swasey

You may have heard of kung fu, but the girls at Oarai Academy practice gun-fu – really, really BIG gun-fu, in fact. It’s called Tankery, and it’s the martial art of operating armored tanks! And even though the Tankery program at Oarai has been defunct for years, the student council has taken a sudden interest in the art and no one they set their sights on is safe. 

That’s how Miho Nishizumi, who transferred to Oarai specifically to stay out of tanks, gets drafted to join the newly revived Tankery divison. But it’s not all bad, because joining her in Team Anglerfish are her new-found friends Saori, the highly receptive radio operator; Hana, a flower arranger turned gunner; Mako, their brilliant but chronically sleepy driver; and combustible tank fangirl and loader Yukari. They may not be on the half-track to fame and fortune, and maybe some of them would rather shop for tank tops than become tops in tanks, but once their focus is locked and loaded, they’re absolutely driven.

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