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English Voice Cast Confirmed For Little Busters! Anime Adaptation


While we are still nowhere closer to the coveted localized visual novel release of Little Busters!, a feat I am afraid is well out of our grasp anytime soon, Sentai Filmworks (North America) and Hanabee (Australia / New Zealand) are set to bring the anime adaptation of the series to their respective countries in the coming months.

Sentai Filmworks who are heading the localization process have confirmed just who will be voicing each of the characters in the series – the first time that any Little Busters! media has received an English counterpart. Some such as Greg Ayres and Brittney Karbowski are KEY anime veterans who have had roles in titles such as Kanon and Clannad, while some are making a rather… interesting appearance.

The full voice cast listing is below:


Chris Ayres

English Vocal Cast

Riki Naoe: Shannon Emerick

Rin Natusme: Brittney Karbowski

Kyosuke Natsume: Blake Shepard

Masato Inohara: Greg Ayres

Kengo Miyazawa: Leraldo Anzaldua

Komari Kamikita: Tia Ballard

Haruka Saigusa: Margaret McDonald

Kudryavka Noumi : Tiffany Grant

Yuiko Kurugaya: Carli Mosier

Mio Nishizono: Caitlynn French

Additional Voices    

Christopher Ayres

Krystal Laporte

Beth Lazarou

Connor Leach

Brent Marshall

Genevieve Simmons

Juliet Simmons

John Swasey

Allison Sumrall

Tiffany Terrell

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