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Hanabee Announce Three New Anime Acquistions – Titles You Can Expect to See in April 2013 and Onwards (Inu x Boku, Hiiro No Kakera and Nisemonogatari!)


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Australian anime publisher Hanabee Entertainment so far has their relate slate from now until March set in stone…. but what we can expect to see after this month? Through three secret messages on their website the company unveiled at least some of the titles we can expect to see in April 2013 and onwards. These titles were:

Inu x Boku: Secret Service
DVD / Blu-ray | April 2013 | Hybrid Dub

Ririchiyo Shirakiin just can’t make friends.

If it’s not her family’s high status in society driving people off then it’s her cold, caustic personality and sharp remarks that are. Staunchly independent to a fault Ririchiyo decides to move in to the Maison de Ayakashi, a selective apartment complex for the super elite…or so everyone thinks. The residents here at the Maison de Ayakshi, hide a secret that requires their own personal Secret Service. Belonging to familes who have all mingled with the supernatural, the residents here have all wound up inheriting their powers whilst still remaining human. As a consequence they’ve become vulnerable to actual attacks by these actual supernatural creatures and thus need protection from them. Although Ririchiyo has rejected such company during her stay, she inevitably finds herself with the Secret Service agent, Soushi Miketsukami, at her disposal nonetheless.

Soushi, obedient to a fault, just might be the answer to Ririchiyo’s problems. She just needs to acknowledge this fact is all.


OVA, Clean Opening and Ending Sequences


Hiiro No Kakera
DVD / Blu-ray | April 2013 | Hybrid Dub

Being a real life princess is the stuff of dreams…or legend.

Tamaki’s simple stay at her grandmother’s home has turned into the revelation that she is royalty! Known as the Tamayori Princess, Tamaki is entrusted with the role of ensuring that the sword, Onikirimaru, is kept sealed least the world is destroyed from its power. This may come soon enough though, if Tamaki doesn’t awaken to her role in time.

A secret group called Logos is out looking to capture the Onikirimaru during this weakened state and their not going easy. But luckily Tamaki is not alone in her duty as she is provided with five guardians from the Shogogo family, who has been charged with looking after the Tamayori Princess for centuries, to protect her.


Clean Opening and Ending Sequences


DVD | Part 1: May 2013 / Part 2: June 2013 | Japanese Dub

There’s no reason a fake can’t do what the real thing would.

Araragi’s journey with his brush of the strange and supernatural continues but this time it may hit a little more close to home. There’s been a spread of curses running a rife across the local middle school and Araragi’s sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, also known as the fire sisters, are after the culprit.

The source of the problem however may be a figure from Senjogahara’s past, Deishu Kaiki. A con-man, Kaiki is always after the quickest way to make a dollar no matter who his victims are. But an imposter selling supposed curses might just be as deadly as the actual thing when they have a nasty habit of becoming true.

The long awaited sequel to Bakemonogatari is here! Nisemonogatari continues this popular series with its fantastic fluid animation and biting humor.


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