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Sentai Filmworks Announce License for “Zero no Tsukaima F” TV Series under “Familiar of Zero F”


It turns out that while CrunchyRoll will be simulcasting the series this month, Sentai Filmworks are the folks that have the license to distribute Zero no Tsukaima F, or for the official English title – “Familiar of Zero F”. I am a bit confused with this acquisition however, unless I have missed something this is the fourth season in the series and the only one that has been licensed prior was the first season by Geneon (and later Funimation when they shut) until the license expired. So does this mean we will be seeing a release of the first season again? Perhaps subtitled releases of seasons two and three? Time shall tell!

Sentai Filmworks have announced that they will be doing digital distribution through a number of outlets soon, with a subtitled DVD release envisioned for later this year.

Get ready to join spell challenged Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière, whose luck with magic is so poor that she’s earned the nickname “Zero,” and Saito Chevalier de Hiraga, the unfortunate human Louise accidentally summoned while attempting to conjure up a familiar, in a set of mystifyingly mystical misadventures so mind-boggling mayhem prone that even the experienced staff of the Tristain Academy of Magic will end up wondering if they could possibly be real! Will a girl as non-enchanting as Louise and a normal human male be up to the challenges ahead of them? Let’s just say that sometimes even a Zero can be a hero and hope that the F in the title doesn’t refer to Louise’s grade point average! Prepare to be mesmerized by spectacularly supernatural silliness and spellbinding adventure and romance as the girl who can’t do anything right invokes The Familiar of Zero F

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