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A Musing on Anime Company Facebook Walls


A Musing on Anime Company Facebook Walls 1

I realize that the title may be ambiguous, however this is not an article relating to anime companies having Facebook Pages. I think with so many millions of people on Facebook, having an active Facebook Page for your company is potentially one of the best moves that can be taken in terms of reaching out to your fans. This article is instead on one component of etiquette that I find is getting annoying and I must put my 5cents towards (Who knows, many years of moderating the IAHGames forums might suddenly be coming back to me).

This is specific to anime Facebook pages, but can cover manga, game etc company pages. One of the golden rules most companies follow is that until it has been formally announced, they will not announce any title acquisitions. Therefore, while I think all companies strongly encourage suggestions, with some even offering discussion boards to post your suggestions for consideration – nothing can be gained from spamming a Facebook Wall with requests for the same series or even a number of series unless they have been confirmed. There are many better topics of conversation that I am sure could be discussed instead. For example, I am still waiting for Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth to be announced for Australia distribution, but I know I am not going to get an answer (Instead I place my thoughts on a website like this).

In the end, just like any media company, it is not practical to acquire every series – and it all comes down to the profitability of the series – so using a popular recent example of Clannad Blu-ray on the Siren Visual wall, some fans might like the series to be released in Blu-ray, but given that all four Clannad volumes have already been released starting from over a year back on DVD… is it that profitable to release a pricier collection in lieu of a cheaper DVD collection? After all… unique licenses quite possibly equal high profitability which equals more money to acquire licenses et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!

A Musing on Anime Company Facebook Walls 3
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  1. I think companies will actually pay attention to demand online for titles. It might be a small part of decision making, but it is part. For people who are really fervent in wanting a title, even having a microscopic effect is worth the effort. But they need to make sure it’s not just a vocal minority: a few people harping on it over and over again is nothing compared to a 1000 +1 Likes.

    With a Clannad Blu-ray, I reckon it’s due to the show getting a BD in the US. Before I thought it completely unlikely, but now we know that the JP side doesn’t have huge “reverse importation” fears on Clannad.

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