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I must admit…. NIS America does really good Anime Premium Editions


I must admit.... NIS America does really good Anime Premium Editions 1

Thanks to Nippon Ichi Software America, they have kindly sent me a copy of their Katanagatari Premium Edition which I just received yesterday. Whilst I have not had time to fully watch it yet (I have allocated this weekend to), I must say that whilst the sets may be perceived by some to be a little on the pricey side, it is hard to say that quality is anything less then excellent. The first thing that caught my eye was the hard-covered box to store the contents in, which whilst not co-ordinating with anything on my bookcase (For now), looks visually appealing to the eye and unlike the PS3 Premium Edition box I received for Ar Tonelico III, I don’t think it is possible to damage it during the course of shipping.

The artbook that is included is of good quality and is filled to the brim with colour pictures and information on the series and has several pages dedicated to each of the six quests from the first half of the series alongside lots of pretty pieces of artwork. There are two DVD cases in total, with each holding both a Blu-ray and DVD copy of the series which after watching and reviewing Eden of the East earlier in the month (Complements to Madman Entertainment) has become something that I have gone from being impartial to, to “OMG! I want Blu-ray ANIME!”. Unfortunately, I will only be able to review the DVD copy however, as unlike my Blu-ray players which do not conform to region locks for DVD’s, do not give me the same benefit for Blu-ray DVD’s.

I realize my reviewing schedule has been shifted slightly as of late, however I am intending on getting through both of Siren Visual’s new releases  this month (Already watched), alongside the title and making a start on Madman Entertainment’s new releases (To be released tomorrow) this week.

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