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Aniplex America on Madoka and OreImo


Aniplex America on Madoka and OreImo 1

Whilst there is no word about either series coming to us Down Under, Aniplex America have announced a few little bits of information at their Otakon panel this weekend.

  1. I myself have been questioning this – Is there going to be an English dub of Madoka? The answer is YES….. Madoka will be receiving one.
  2. OreImo (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai) will be receiving a release from them this October. This will come in one box set consisting of all 12 of the original episodes and all four of the bonus episodes. This however, will only include a Japanese dub at this time, however will also come with 16 postcard set and a 24 page booklet.
  3. They are currently looking into a Blu-ray release of the anime Welcome to the SPACE SHOW and are in negotiations to release the new Rurouni Kenshin anime
Unlike other events, not much news has come out of Otakon as of yet, however I will endeavor to bring you all the news from the event. On the Australian side, after a few weekends of conventions, it is all quiet over here (So I hope Madman Entertainment and Siren Visual teams are having a nice rest). Also, whilst I have your attention, I should have one or two reviews up (Checks Time) today, however some stuff has come up so I cannot guarantee when they will be.
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