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and so the second Higurashi Kira trailer arrived…. and it was…. ugh….. + thoughts on another fanservice anime….


A few months back when they first showed the preview trailer for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira, the second OVA series for the long running and very popular Higurashi (When they Cry) series, I was shocked to find that the series had descended into baseless fanservice instead of the murder mystery series it was originally. I initially had hopes that given the number of arcs in the series that had not been adapted into an anime, that they would perhaps decide to do one fanservice episode and then go to the PS2-exclusive (??) Truth End arc or one of the other arcs that have been created as game and manga adaptations have been released.

Of course, after seeing this trailer, why am I suddenly feeling hesitant that they will end the series with a bunch of fanservice episodes. Unless one of the characters realizes it is a fake world and goes on a murder spree to end it…. I vote Hanyuu for the role……

Then again…. I suppose there is more then one fanservice series coming out this season, with the series Baby Princess 3D Paradise being due out today in Japan. I mention this because I have to ask this question. The storyline goes something like “a guy returns to his family to see he has 18 younger siblings, each aged in one year increments from 1 – 18”….. what sort of superior DNA would the same mother have to result in 18 completely unique looking daughters (Also, supposedly having two superior X chromosomes to have 18 females in a row….)?

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