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A Gem in my Birthday Haul


A Gem in my Birthday Haul 1 I am aware that I am still supposed to be on a short writing break, however I felt I should share my joy at getting a Collection edition of Stellvia: Of the Universe, which was released by Madman many a year ago and has long since been discontinued and near impossible to find in a store. Thankfully, we managed to find a long copy on a JB Hi-fi shelf which was crying for someone to purchase it…. that someone, was my relatives for me. Whilst it may be near impossible to find, from the few episodes I have watched previously from the library, it is a very interesting and enjoyable sci-fi show that doesnt have the seriousness of other series in the genre. For those who are interested, here is a description of it:

In the year 2167, Madkind suffered a cataclysmic disaster as a massive wave of electromagnetic radiation from a nearby supernova washed over the Earth. Yet, Mankind was able to survive by pulling together to support each other in this time of crisis. The year is now 2326 and the new generation of people are preparing for the second wave to hit. One young girl, Shima Katase, is going off to Stellvia, a space pilot academy, where she will learn how to protect Earth and the family she loves.

As it is so hard to find, I am unsure as to if I will be reviewing it yet, however I most probably will add it to the bottom of my queue. I do however, look forward to re-watching and re-falling in love with this series.

As for the rest of my day, it was nice with me seeing several family members and spending some time playing White Knight Chronicles 2, that from what I can tell during my brief period of gaming, has a much faster gameplay system and improved graphics.

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