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Persona 4 Anime Trailer


Haven’t been able to check out the midnight channel yet? Does Japanese midnight fall at some insane hour of the night for you that it isnt possible for you to stay up and see who the next person is to be thrown into the TV (Okay…. or at least watch the trailer). Then thanks to youtube user Doppelmet, he has uploaded the trailer to youtube so you can watch the current trailer in all its goodness!

Personally, the music of the trailer has that Persona 4 charm, like it would be something you would expect as a dungeon scene. The animation is nice and surprisingly, they havent dropped the normal encounters as seen at (0:41) with Izanagi attacking some normal monsters. Also good is that we might get to see all the special shows on the midnight channel animated, as the game dropped the animated ones after the Yukiko’s Castle expedition….

Just one question….. at (0:36), who is the sleeping girl…. it is in the first trailer so it must be important, but the only female characters they have revealed are Yukiko, Chie and Nanako, and neither three look like her… Anyway, this is starting to look like a really interesting series brought to us by Aniplex, the same group that brought us series such as Angel Beats and Durarara!!, so my expectations are high!

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