Interested in a boy’s love pro-wrestling kaiju drama?

MangaGamer will have a visual novel for that next month

MangaGamer has today confirmed they will be making a new boy’s love visual novel available for fans to purchase in both 18+ and All-Ages variants starting 24 March 2022 via their online store (18+) and Steam (“All Ages”). Titled UUULTRA C, this visual novel was developed by ADELTA (Hashihime of the Old Book Town), was first released in Japan during 2020, and announced as an acquisition of MangaGamer’s in November 2021.

UUULTRA C follows Shoutarou, who lives together with his boyfriend, Kozuka, in Soshigaya, Tokyo. Society sees people turning into kaiju as an infectious disease. With one side protesting for acceptance of those infected, there is a restlessness in the air. Shoutarou is an advocate for justice, but his life changes in a big way after he’s drenched in kaiju blood.

As pitched by MangaGamer: “There are kaiju, superheroes, giant robots, and three protagonists in this avant-garde tokusatsu drama filled with relics of the Showa Era“.

UUULTRA C features full Japanese voice acting, while the 18+ version will also do away with those pesky mosaics covering the characters’ naughty bits.


A golden era of artists, actors, and heroes is shaken to its core when kaiju straight out of black & white cinema attack Japan! One couple falls victim to the attacks and must face the reality of the kaiju’s infectious nature turning others into more kaiju and join the fight for acceptance. One couple must deal with the strain and stress of fighting the kaiju and defending the people as the superhero team, Icarus Rangers. And one couple must struggle with their complex relationships with both sides of the kaiju versus hero battles. 

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