New World of Warcraft Adventures Now Await in Shadowlands Eternity’s End

Blizzard Entertainment has rolled out their latest update for World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion, titled Update 9.2: Eternity’s End. The gateway to Zereth Moris, the mysterious home of the Shadowlands’ progenitors, is now open to eligible players, and Azeroth’s champions will soon be able to face off against the Jailer.

Eternity’s End is slated to bring Shadowlands’ storyline to an end. Some of the other promoted features of the expansion include:

Return of Tier Sets
Earn pieces of the new Progenitor-themed class armour set from a variety of activities, including raid boss drops, Mythic+ dungeons, and PVP, with 2- and 4-piece set bonuses for each class specialisation.

Decode the Cypher of the First Ones
The automa of Zereth Mortis speak in a musical language that is incomprehensible to mortal races. Team up with a curious automa sidekick in this new progression system to learn the lost language of the Progenitors and delve deeper into the secrets of Zereth Mortis, unlocking an array of new zone activities, daily quests, events, and rewards.

More new additions such as…
Mythic+ and PvP Season 3
Tazavesh added to the Mythic Keystone Dungeon rotation
Note: Tazavesh will be split into two separate dungeons for Seasonal content.
New Mounts and Pets
Updates to Professions and Conduits
New dancing mini-game at the Darkmoon Faire
And much more!

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