‘Hana’s Campus Life’ Visual Novel Headed to Steam Soon

Following the visual novel’s successful crowdfunding campaign on the Korean website tumblbug, Sekai Project has announced they will be teaming up with developer LIMITED FACTORY to bring Hana’s Campus Life to Steam. A demo of Hana’s Campus Life will shortly be available on Steam, with a formal release scheduled for the second quarter of 2021 (Currently: 24 April 2021).

Hana’s Campus Life puts you in the shoes of Jeong Lee-han, a college student who finds his life turned upside down when a silver-haired girl named Hana appears before him and claims to be a god.

Hana’s Campus Life will be available in both English and Korean, with the original Korean voice acting a the opening theme “Sweetener” by Suzuran. You can read more about the visual novel, and check out some preview screenshots, by scrolling down!

About Hana’s Campus Life

“You have a very important mission!”

The girl, who claims to be a god, had an unusual appearance. 
Long silver hair, oversized dark uniform…. 

It goes without saying that the girl, “Hana,” (who claims to be a god) forcibly intruded on my daily life. She said that her appearance was normal for a god and over time she became more comfortable around me…

Well, yeah…
Perhaps, I am having fun.

But, while I spent those easygoing days with Hana, it started to dawn on me:
The fearsome meaning of “god” that Hana spoke of.

Preview Screenshots/Artwork


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