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MangaGamer Announce Three 18+ Visual Novel Acquisitions


With most major anime conventions across the globe shut down to the continuing threat posed by COVID-19, publishers across the otaku spectrum from anime to visual novels are having to turn exclusively to online channels when announce new licenses. Granted there is something lacking when it comes to not hearing the gasps of awe emerging from the audience, but at the same time, companies are making do.

Just in time for Halloween, western visual novel publisher and localiser MangaGamer shared a new announcement video highlighting three acquisitions they plan to release in the coming months and years – Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance from Baseson Light, Funbag Fantasy 3if from Waffle and How to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle from Clock-Up.

You can read more about each of the three below:

Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance

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Kimihane: Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi Suru Ikkagetsu | きみはね 彼女と彼女の恋する1ヶ月Developer: BaseSon
Release Date: 19 November 2020
Price: $34.95 USD
MangaGamer Store: Click Here

Serious, hard-working Hina, lonely and awkward Rin, and the kind and sweet Fumi have been roommates ever since they started school at Seiyou Girls’ Academy, an all-girls boarding school. Yet these three girls share a special connection beyond that – they all believe they saw an angel when they were younger, and they’ve each come to believe that one of the other girls might be an angel as well.

Where will these beliefs lead them? Depending on your choices, right into each other’s arms! Every pairing between these three girls is possible and it’s up to you to determine who winds up falling for who!

Funbag Fantasy 3if

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Kyonyuu Fantasy 3 if | 巨乳ファンタジー3 if
Developer: Waffle

This new tale of Funbag Fantasy takes place in a whole new world modeled after Ancient Rome and follows the divine journey of Julinas, the god of titjobs! With no followers and no divine power of his own, a summons to deal with a small village crisis begins his rise to fame, power, and boundless bosoms!

This epic journey will take Julinas all the way from the Underworld to Empyrian with over 9 different heroines, both human and divine, ready to worship your glory in the biggest title of the Funbag Fantasy franchise! Are you ready to seize some tits and claim your seat on Olympus?

How to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle

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Kenzen! Hentai Seikatsu no Susume | 健全!変態生活のススメ
Developer: Clock Up

In this world perversion is completely normal and commonplace. Sex officers patrol the streets to ensure the safety and sexual satisfaction of the population. Perversion is even viewed as the most prominent topic of study and research, which is why Gotou Hajime has enrolled in Penile University to major in perversion and registered to live with the Maezono family – a family whose mother is world-famous for preventing a war with her sexual diplomacy.

This is the tale of a man ready to dedicate his life and career to the research and greater understanding of the lives of perverts as well as the perverts themselves to advance sex throughout society, and he has no qualms about getting hands-on with his fieldwork.

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