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New Visual Novel Licences and News Shared by MangaGamer Over Weekend


New Visual Novel Licences and News Shared by MangaGamer Over Weekend 1

Joining the growing number of otaku-related publishers in making new announcements this weekend, international visual novel publisher MangaGamer took to their Youtube channel in lieu of Anime Expo 2020 to announce three pieces of news regarding new acquisitions and impending release dates. You can read more about each of these below, after reading the following warning:

Please note that unless stated otherwise, all announcements here are for 18+ visual novels. Some preview imagery below contains nudity and sexual references.

Nyan Café Macchiato ~Sexy Times at the Cat Café~

Original Japanese Title: にゃんカフェマキアート ~猫がいるカフェのえっち事情~
Developer: SkyFish Poco
Confirmed Release Date: Thursday 9 July 2020
Pre-Order: MangaGamer Online Store

Yamane Kouya must have crossed paths with too many black cats, because nothing’s going right in his life. Every one of his employers has gone bankrupt, his new job as a lecturer has him mostly doing odd jobs, his apartment burned down, and now he’s forced to help at his grandfather’s cat cafe, Nekotamaya, to earn his keep.

Even the luckiest moment of his life gets ruined when the student confessing her love for him is joined by two others who feel the same way! The girls seem unshaken, but can he manage to salvage this disaster and land a girl for life? Maybe even a harem?! Find out in this cute comedy filled with sexy adventures! 

Room No. 9

New Visual Novel Licences and News Shared by MangaGamer Over Weekend 15

Original Japanese Title: ルームナンバーナイン
Developer: Parade
Confirmed Release Date: Thursday 6 August 2020
Pre-Order: MangaGamer Online Store (R18+), Steam (Behind Age Gate)

Best friends Daichi and Seiji set out on an almost too-good-to-be-true summer vacation, but it quickly turns into a nightmare…

Instead of the island paradise they were expecting, they find themselves trapped in a strange room and forced to participate in an incomprehensible “experiment”. They’ll have to play along to have any hope of escaping with their lives, but that means hurting each other and possibly destroying their friendship—and their minds—in the process.

While Daichi is quick to declare that he’d be just fine less one arm, and Seiji argues for the options that won’t leave lasting physical scars, do they really understand the consequences? Can they survive the “experiment” and is survival alone enough?

Jeanne at the Clock Tower

New Visual Novel Licences and News Shared by MangaGamer Over Weekend 22

Original Japanese Title: 時計台のジャンヌ ~Jeanne à la tour d’horloge~
Developer: Liar-Soft
Confirmed Release Date: To Be Confirmed
Pre-Order: Pre-orders are not being taken at this time.

As Roland’s squad flies in for the invasion of Normandy, his plane is shot down, leaving him and one of his squadmates isolated from the rest in a mysterious forest where they come under attack from an anachronous, female cavalier.

Left for dead, Roland wakes alone under the care of a beautiful maiden, Jeanne. As he sets out to find and rescue his comrade he finds himself chasing down leads across different eras of France, with Jeanne’s clock tower ever at the center of the confusing trips through time.

Where did his war buddy go? Or rather, when? What is causing this forest and clock tower to exist across centuries? Who is Jeanne, and why is she here? What foul plots were behind the attack on him and his comrade?

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