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Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque – CG Artwork Comparisons for Editio Perfecta and Editio Regia Editions



After managing to get Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque through Steam Greenlight in December 2014, Jast USA have been hard at work working on the all-ages adaptation of the originally 18+ visual novel. As I stated in my review of the title, the adult content didn’t impede upon the storyline, and could quite simply be edited out without impacting the overall experience. But it seems like Jast USA are not content with just removing some of the more racy images – instead opting to edit them to make at least some more friendly to an “all-ages” audience.

The publisher has been sharing comparison images such as the one above via their Tumblr page, highlighting their efforts to ensure that as much content as possible remains in the visual novel as possible. These updated images may add some extra clothes to the characters or an extra bit of convenient fog, however have all been approved by original artist Oyari Ashito. More importantly, none of the edits seem to conflict with the original art style – blending in quite well.


Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque is currently only available as an 18+ eroge “Editio Perfecta” edition through the Jast USA Online Store (Digital) and J-List (Physical). Having already cleared Steam Greenlight, the all-ages “Editio Regia” edition is set to be released later on this year via Steam. You can read my review of the Editio Perfecta edition HERE.

Credits: All images sourced from Jast USA, with original artwork by Oyari Ashito.


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