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[18+] MangaGamer Opens Pre-Order’s for Secret Sorrow of the Siblings



International visual novel publisher MangaGamer have announced that pre-orders have opened for their upcoming 18+ release of Appetite’s Secret Sorrow of the Siblings, with a release date planned for November 28th 2014. Available at a price of $14.95, this budget priced release is targeted towards fans of incest. Unlike a majority of MangaGamer’s English-localized releases, this one does come with mosaics over the naughty bits.

Pre-orders can be made via the official MangaGamer website. Orders made prior to launch will see 10% taken off the price ($13.45)


Staring at my computer screen with headphones in my ears is the only time I truly feel at peace. I’m doing so right now, even.

(Man, it’s already this late…?)

The hands on my watch show it’s 1 AM. There was light leaking out of my little brother’s room. My younger brother Rikuto is also my twin. But he’s an athlete and an honors student. Since he’s got training in the morning for the school sports teams he’s on, it’s pretty rare for him to be awake this late. Even though it was very much unlike me, I did my best to muffle my footsteps and headed to my brother’s room. When I made it to his room, the door was open just a tiny bit, almost as if he forgot to close it. I heard a quiet voice from within.

“Arisa…w-we shouldn’t be doing this.”

I could feel an unpleasant sweat blotting my face. But even so, I pressed my face closer to the gap in the door. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. My sister Arisa looked like she was losing herself sucking on the tip of my twin brother’s cock. Watching a brother and sister do these kinds of things before my very eyes caused irritation and disgust to well up inside me. Dumbfounded by the scene unfolding before me, I fell into a  temporary paralysis. The two of them normally ignored me. But hearing them both bad-mouth me made something inside of me snap. My abdomen was keeping my dick hard and erect, but some black emotion shot up from there and flowed back into my chest.

(If that’s how she feels, then I’ve got an idea.)

I hid my footsteps and went back to my room to get my smartphone. Then I secretly took a video of what they were doing through the crack of the door. Now then…how will I make use of this movie?

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