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[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012


MangaGamer, a localizer and publisher of English visual novel titles have announced a number of acquisitions and release dates at the recently held Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California. These numerous announcements are as follows:

Release Dates:

[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012 1

ef ~The First Tale~ (27th July 2012)
Amamiya Yuuko, a mysterious girl dressed like a nun, and Himura Yuu, a mysterious gentleman who is somehow attached to the church where Yuuko first appears, are having a reunion in a church during Christmas time. Despite her attire, Yuuko is not affiliated with the church. She always appears generally out of no where, and disappears just as quickly in various places throughout the story to talk with Hiro or other characters and give them advice. Yuuko and Yuu reminisce about the past and remember events of the previous year around the same time at the beginning of the first chapter of the story. Yuuko hints of events that are revealed throughout Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. 

[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012 2

OtoBoku ~Maidens are Falling for Me~ (Fall 2012)
The primary setting for the story is on the campus of a private all-girl school with Christian undertones, such as a large cross visible on the front of the school’s main building. Seio was founded in 1886 by Mizuho’s ancestor; the school’s motto is “mercy and forgiveness”. There is an old tradition at Seio Girls School every June where one of the students is elected by her peers to be the “Elder”, who is seen as the number-one “Elder Sister” in the entire school. Until her graduation, she is referred to by her peers as Onee-sama.

To become an Elder, a candidate in the election must gain at least 75% of the votes. If none of the candidates get at least 75% in the first round of voting, one of the candidates hand over her votes to the other candidate, and the candidate who finally obtained the votes of 75% or more becomes the Elder. If there is no one else in the election, the current year’s student council president becomes the Elder. 

Eroge Cover MangaGamer Make Some New Visual Novel Acquisition Announcements at KatsuconEroge! ~Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games!~ (Winter 2012)
The protagonist has been toiling at his job search long and hard, failing numerous times until he one day gets an interview with the Eroge development studio, “Flower”. Having played over 1000 games himself, his passion for eroge manages to overcome his utter lack of skills, and once hired he quickly realizes the danger Flower faces: the company is staffed entirely by hot women who’ve never even SEEN the male member up close, let alone had sex. It’s up to you to be their model and teach them ins and outs of dicks and sex so they can make the best nukige ever! Because sex and games make the sexiest games!

[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012 3Harukoi Otome (Winter 2012)
During my third school semester, the school I was going to suddenly went bankrupt. Was it due to a lack of new students or corrupt management? I don’t really know the fine details. I couldn’t help but wonder, of course, since this was a pretty big problem for my future. In April, during the first semester of my second year, I ended up attending a certain famous school. At first I thought it was some kind of bad joke, like something out of a manga, ending up at a school for distinguished young ladies like that. An all-girls school. Not that it’d be an all-girls school anymore once I started there, but still. And on top of there being mostly girls there, I could also feel the pressure of having to live on my own at the school dorms. I was kind of looking forward to a peaceful spring, but I guess I’ll have to get the boring details worked out first.

I’ll surely get to hang out with a lot of interesting people, such as my sister who’s also going to that school, a female classmate who likes girls, a mysterious girl in the class below mine, a calm sempai, a spontaneous childhood friends and perhaps even the number one super Onee-sama in the school! I really wonder how this fresh start is going to end up for me… Either way, I really looked forward to it as I passed through the gate…

…The gate to St. Francesca Academy.

Newly Announced Titles:

[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012 4Boob Wars ~Big boobs vs. Flat Chests~ (Softhouse Seal | Fall 2012)
In the 22nd century, women were suddenly split into two factions: those with E-Cups or bigger, and those with A-cups or smaller! The sudden change forced the world to debate which was better, big boobs or flat chests, but the debate only grew more heated until the factions were finally split completely and erupted into a war to settle the matter once and for all! It was then that erorist agent Eagle is called upon to seduce the Queen of Big Boobs and the Queen of Flat Chests and put a stop to this war!

[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012 5Sexy Demon Transformation (Softhouse Seal | Fall 2012)
Angered at losing the position of Boss to his childhood friend, exorcist Ashiya Yamoto makes a deal with the demons, agreeing not to destroy them if they’ll lend him their power to help achieve his goal: impregnate Asuka and drag her down from her position!

[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012 6SSSS: Super Secret Sexy Spy (Softhouse Seal | Winter 2012)
Hando. Iiyama Hando. A secret agent in the service of the Worldwide Womb Intelligence Agency, known for a 100% success rate on his missions to investigate the safety of wombs everywhere, and cum inside. The fight to protect womb peace is a never ending task, and today he’s been assigned a new target.

[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012 7Orion Heart (Portion | 2013)
After defeating the demons, Orion Sun thought she could finally live in peace, enjoying her everyday life and love for Osamu, but she was wrong! The demons were still alive, and worse, their leader, Gildart, has now possessed the boy she loves, using his body to have their way with her! Who else will suffer as the demons run amok while she tries to save her beloved?!

[18+] MangaGamer Announce New Acquisitions at Anime Expo 2012 8Slave Witch April (Aconite | 2013)
Denis decided to become an apprentice to the Great Witch April in order to learn magic from her, but all he got was being treated like her familiar! Then one day, he accidentally frees a fairy from her library, and together they begin plotting their revenge on April!

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