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MangaGamer Make Some New Visual Novel Acquisition Announcements at Katsucon


MangaGamer, a distributor of English all-ages and adult visual novels to the international market have recently  brought word of the announcements they made from Katsucon, a convention held over the weekend in Washington DC. The company announced two brand new acquisitions along with proper release dates of two other titles. But first, the two newly announced titles are as follows:

MangaGamer Make Some New Visual Novel Acquisition Announcements at Katsucon 1

Otome ha Boku ni Koishiteiru – CaramelBox
When Mizuho’s grandfather demands that you have to attend an all-girl’s school in his will, your childhood friend Mariya once again dresses you up as a woman, and gets you started on your first day at Seiou Girl’s Academy.  Though Mizuho hoped to at least make friends, he never expected to become the school’s idol and selected to fill the role of Elder Sister! What trials awake as he tries to hide his secret as the flowers of love take bloom?  

MangaGamer Make Some New Visual Novel Acquisition Announcements at Katsucon 2Eroge! ~Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games!~
えろげー!~Hもゲームも開発三昧~ – Clock-up!
The protagonist has been toiling at his job search long and hard, failing numerous times until he one day gets an interview with the Eroge development studio, “Flower”. Having played over 1000 games himself, his passion for eroge manages to overcome his utter lack of skills, and once hired he quickly realizes the danger Flower faces: the company is staffed entirely by hot women who’ve never even SEEN the male member up close, let alone had sex. It’s up to you to be their model and teach them ins and outs of dicks and sex so they can make the best nukige ever! Because sex and games make the sexiest games!

As I mentioned above, these were not the only announcements – their most recent prior addition to their line-up, Magical Teacher (18+) has been announced to have a release date of 13th April 2012. Along with this, their 18+ release of DEARDROPS is also due for release on the 2nd March 2012.

Overdrive |  €34.95 | 18+

“Music you were destined to encounter, with friends you were destined to meet—”

Five different people―each lost at different points in their life’s journey, each heading down different paths, each with their own goals and ideals―find themselves unexpectedly brought together by rock ‘n roll and the world of music. Whether their time together is fleeting or lasting, the crossing of such varied lives is sure to be an unforgettable one that forever changes them.

A tale of youth, fateful encounters, and the prime of life awaits the moment all is set in motion. With the spark of a cast-off cigarette and the opening phrase of a dead rockstar’s legacy, the first chapter of their new lives will ring across the crowded hall.

About Magical Teacher
SCORE | €19.95 | 18+

Due to some family issues, our protagonist finds himself going to live with his aunt, Kasugai Haruka. However, on his way to his new home, he has a bizarre run-in with a magical statue, where he’s saved by none other than Haruka and her friends, who show up as a magically transformed team. Once things settle down, he learns that they’ve formed a group of mages to combat the magical incidents cropping up in town. Our protagonist soon learns that he, too, possesses magical powers, and decides to help combat the magical menace as soon as he hears his crush, Haruka’s daughter, is helping as well… 


and finally, the company also announced that one of their best selling titles, Koihime Musou will be getting voices (The Japanese dub) added to the game and a hard-copy released.

About Koihime Musou
BaseSon | $?? | 18+

Time travel? Are you kidding me?!

I eagerly rushed out of my dorm to try and catch a burglar who snuck into my school, but next thing I knew, I was laying in a vast, open prairie. “What the hell?!” I thought, but my amazement didn’t last long before I was surrounded by a group of men armed with glistening weapons! “Leave your clothes if you value your life,” they said. What era is that line from?!

I tried to resist them, but they started spouting gibberish before swinging their weapons at me. I thought, “This is it for me!” But then, a black-haired beauty appeared before me. She agilely swung her huge spear, and sent those men packing. As I respectfully thanked her, she began to name herself.

“My name is Kan’u. My Lord, may we fight together and quell these wars?”

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    OtoBoku and the game sounds interesting, hopefully it is not a linear story and have plenty of choices to chose from and multiple endings.

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