Meet the Cast

  • AiAi – The carefree and well-rounded commander-in-chimp of the group. When he’s not busy playing around, AiAi loves to kick back, relax, and enjoy a delicious banana or two, or three.
  • MeeMee – Always positive, kind-hearted, and reliable. MeeMee is the heart of the team who is always at the ready to help those in need. Her ability to stop on a dime makes her ideal for navigating the trickiest of courses.
  • Baby – Highly intelligent for his age, Baby is a cool monkey who uses his nimble size and fast reflexes to deal with complicated courses.
  • GonGon – A former rival, now best friend to AiAi training to become the strongest ape in the world. Using his incredible power, he can barrel through all obstacles and opponents who dare stand in his way.
  • YanYan – Furry-ously fast and fearless, yet a little shy, this fun-loving lemur is a martial arts expert who was trained by her father, the strongest ape in the world.
  • Doctor – A scatterbrain known for his crazy inventions, nothing, not even amnesia, can slow this super smart simian down. His expertise in the Spin Dash will leave all opponents as dazed as he looks.
  • Palette – The newest member of the bunch, Palette is an adventurer who encounters AiAi and the gang and convinces them to join her on a journey to find the Legendary Banana. Her lightning quick speed and spin dash abilities help her create shortcuts and clear courses at a blistering pace.

In Adventure Mode, players will also meet FesTee, and Val, members of the infamous Gala family and treasure hunters with a penchant for seeking rare and valuable artifacts. The trio have set their sights on the relics that AiAi and his gang are working tirelessly to collect, in an epic race to locate the greatest treasure of them all: the Legendary Banana.


Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble's Latest Trailer Showcase's Games Colourful Cast 1

Banana Rumble has introduced over 300 new customization items for players, including headwear, clothing, accessories, and even modifications for their monkey balls. These items can be unlocked through the in-game shop using points earned by playing the game locally or online.

Players engaging in Battle Mode online can also benefit from the Lucky Monkey Lottery, a virtual capsule machine that offers a daily bonus. Each day, players can draw a ball containing one of many unique items, with additional items to be introduced in the future. Special seasonal items and surprises are planned throughout the year.

The game also features an in-game Photo Mode, allowing players to capture and share their customised styles with friends.