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Native PlayStation 5 Client Now Available for Honkai: Star Rail


With their recent release of Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.4 which is set to deliver a range of new content for all players over the next month and a half or so, HoYoverse has also rolled out the long-promoted PlayStation 5 native client for their latest RPG offering. With crossplay and cross-save functionality, players can now play the game on the PC, iOS, Android and PlayStation 5 platforms, and share save data across them all. Unfortunately unlike Genshin Impact which went live during the PS4’s lifecycle, no PS4 supported client is available.

As for the PlayStation 5 client, HoYoverse had this to say about its technical features:

The Honkai: Star Rail creative and development teams benefit greatly from the PS5’s exceptional hardware capabilities, making it an ideal platform for Trailblazers on their cosmic journey. The PS5 effortlessly achieves native 4K resolution, which helps immerse players in the captivating alien landscapes. Moreover, the game efficiently leverages PS5’s robust performance to deliver enhanced visual effects to Trailblazers. The Alchemy Commission, one of the most representative locations within the Xianzhou Luofu, can be an example where the game seamlessly delivers Volumetric Fog and renders high-quality water features, creating lifelike representation with intricate layers of the level design, and varying wavelengths that produce authentic motion and reflections respectively.

This update comes as Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.4 launches, with a trio of new characters available to join the player’s team, new story events and more. Its latest event set on Jarlio VI – the “Interastral Tournament Festival” – invites Trailblazers to dive into the world of Aetherium Wars, where they can collect and nurture their own Aether Spirits. These digital companions are replicas of unique creatures that can be trained and developed into formidable combat allies. As the festival unfolds, countless players from across the cosmos will come together to participate in Aetherium Wars, forging new friendships and adventures along the way.

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