The Wild Update Rolls out for Java and Bedrock Versions of Minecraft

Well into its second decade of service, Mojang Studios continue to update the open-world sandbox building/adventure simulation game Minecraft. The latest update for both Java and Bedrock versions of the game is now live, dubbed ‘The Wild Update’. While not the most substantial update for Minecraft, it introduces several new features, biomes, and more.

Newly introduced content in this update includes:

  • The Deep Dark biome, which features new blocks like sculk blocks and shriekers and the warden –a terrifying new mob lurking in the depths.
  • The Mangrove Swamp biome, which features a new wood variant – mangrove trees – and a lush new environment to explore.
  • Boats with Chests, to make exploration easier without having to worry about inventory space.
  • Frogs (and of course, tadpoles) are an adorable addition to the game and can create a new light source, froglights, when they consume a magma cube.
  • Mud blocks, crafted from dirt and water, which are completely renewable and provide new ways to build.
  • The fan-voted allay, adding new gameplay mechanics by helping players transport items for bases and builds.

If you somehow don’t have a copy of MineCraft you have acquired over the years, you can access the full game with the PC version of the Xbox Game Pass, or by purchasing it separately from the game’s official website.


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