New Star Citizen Adventures Await With Launch of Alpha 3.16.1

While the latest major alpha release for ambitious crowd-funded sci-fi game Star Citizen rolled out on 22 December 2021, bits of new content were held back for finishing touches, to be made available in the months following launch. As Star Citizen’s first major update for the year, Alpha 3.16.1 is now available on live servers.

What can players look forward to in this update? This is what developer and publisher, Crowd Imperium Games, has to say about the new additions:

Derelict Ship Puzzles

We’re introducing the first iteration of sandbox content with derelict ship puzzles in Alpha 3.16.1. This all-new feature litters space with crashed and abandoned ships waiting to be explored. Inside, curious players are challenged to navigate their way through the wreckage to uncover valuable loot.

Laser Trip Mines

Journeying through these newly discovered derelict ships won’t be easy though. Laser trip mines located throughout the ships’ cramped interiors must be disarmed or avoided at all costs. These traps will be available to players for use in-game in an upcoming patch.

New Hover Vehicle from Consolidated Outland – CNOU HoverQuad

The next vehicle from Silas Koerner’s innovative ship manufacturer arrives in February as Consolidated Outland looks to introduce their first ground-based vehicle to its lineup. Keep a look out for details on the newest member of the grav-lev family very soon.

Prepare for the XenoThreat Dynamic Event

The forces of XenoThreat are making another push into Stanton, and the Civilian Defense Force at Jericho station has requested your help keeping them at bay. This is a server-wide event where everyone can join in and help fight back against the XenoThreat incursion.

Red Festival 2952

Say goodbye to 2021 and kick-off 2022 with a fresh adventure at the Red Festival 2952, from January 31 through February 15. To ensure 2952 is a prosperous year, the Banu are hiding rewarding red envelopes all around Stanton and we’ll also offer a variety of red and gold offerings to guarantee good fortune.

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