More Games Join NVIDIA GeForce Now’s Library

Now into its second month of service in Australia and New Zealand, kudos of Pentanet, subscribers of NVIDIA’s GeForce Now may be hunting for some new games to stream to their devices.

This includes Core, a gaming platform with over 40,000 free-to-play, Unreal-powered games and worlds, which is currently amid a crossover with deadmau5. Also joining GeForce Now is a selection of other games from Steam, Ubisoft Connect and the Epic Games Store.

The games on offer include:

  1. Combat Mission Cold War (New release on Steam, Nov. 16)
  2. The Last Stand: Aftermath (New release on Steam, Nov. 16)
  3. Myth of Empires (New release on Steam, Nov. 18)
  4. Icarus (Beta weekend on Steam, Nov. 19)
  5. Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Gold Edition (Ubisoft Connect)
  6. Core (Epic Games Store)
  7. Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Steam)

In addition to this news, Pentanet has confirmed they are working with LG Electronics to add support for GeForce NOW to LG TVs, starting with a beta release of the app in the LG COntent Store for select 2021 LG OLED, QNED MiniLED and NanoCell models.


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