While providing the bare minimum in information earlier today, Spike Chunsoft and Tookyo Games has today unveiled a new project currently in development titled Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE. This game, pitched as an “all-new dark fantasy mystery game” will feature a scenario by Kazutaka Kodaka, music by Masafumi Takada, and design by Rui Komatsuzaki.

On the publishing end, Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE will be marketed and co-developed by Spike Chunsoft. They encourage everyone to “please look forward to this new project by the staff and development team that created the Danganronpa game series”.

As of writing, no platforms, price or release date has been confirmed, however we do have key artwork, a short teaser trailer and a handful of teaser screenshots. Expect to hear more about Enigma Archives: RAIN CODE in the coming months.

Will Kodaka, Takada and Komatsuzaki match the success of the Danganronpa series time time around? Time shall tell.

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