MiHoYo Rolls Out More Genshin Impact Anniversary Gifts Following Feedback

Regardless of what side of the discussion around Genshin Impact’s first anniversary gifts you are on… the issue has been quite contentious for developer MiHoYo over the past few weeks. From negative articles and Youtube videos to review bombing on their games it was clearly a public relations problem, and the question was whether more gifts would be rolled out. While a full Anniversary Rewards path has not been unveiled, it appears more gifts are on their way.

Today, a new set of gifts were mailed out to all players via the in-game messaging system, containing both 400 Primogems (The currency used to perform wishes in the in-game gacha system) and the Wings of Shimmering Galaxy glider wings tying in with the upcoming concert.

MiHoYo Rolls Out More Genshin Impact Anniversary Gifts Following Feedback 1

While this is nothing like the idea it appears some were hoping for, with many mocked screens for a free 5-star character and weapon, we do have three more batches of rewards coming up. Could even better rewards be on the horizon? Will the players on the “not enough” camp be appeased? Time will tell.

Also, just a general note that you shouldn’t go after regular development team members or voice actors about this. Quite often they have no sway over promotions such as this, and would likely be determined at a corporate level based on multiple factors the community wouldn’t be privy to.

On the other hand…. the new wings are pretty!

Developed by MiHoYo, Genshin Impact is now available as a free gacha-supported open-world adventure-exploration game on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS and Android.

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