Moonfire Faire Returns to Costa del Sol in Final Fantasy XIV This Month

Marking the Northern Hemisphere’s end of summer, Square Enix will be celebrating the season of warm days on the beach, splashing around in crystal blue water and beating the heat with some delicious chilly treats through their annual Moonfire Faire event in Final Fantasy XIV. This event will occur from Friday 13 August 2021 (1.00 am PDT) and run until Thursday 26 August 2021 (7.59 am PDT).

The byline for the 2021 Moonfire Fair event is ‘Costa del Sol Screams for Ice Cream’, with the main event reward being a bit chillier in nature. Successfully completing the questline ‘Unseasonable Chills’, unlocked by speaking with Mayaru Moyaru in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X: 11.5, Y:13.8), will you the Polar Bear Horn. Additional items on offer include the outdoor furniture ‘Moonfire Mask Stall’ and the food items “Costa del Hielo” and “Grilled Corn”. Select items from previous events may also be on offer.

Moonfire Faire Returns to Costa del Sol in Final Fantasy XIV This Month 1

If you miss out (or by the time you read this, have missed out) on earning these goodies, they are typically made available via the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store for a few bucks a year after launching. Therefore, be sure to get in and fulfil your 15-20 minute quota to get these rather nice goodies.

While the traditional fireworks are expected across Eorzea, it is unknown whether Square Enix will offer jumping puzzles or something completely different will be offered this year.

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