Lost Epic Receives 2021 Development Roadmap Leading to Full Release

Currently available on Steam as part of the Early Access initiative, Lost Epic is a 2D souls-like side-scrolling action-RPG developed by Team EARTH WARS and published by One or Eight. Mapping the route to their full release in Q4 2021 and leading to post-game content being rolled out in 2022, the development team has shared their roadmap for the project.

You can find the visual roadmap before, or keep scrolling down to read what they say about it.

Lost Epic Receives 2021 Development Roadmap Leading to Full Release 1

Adventurers can ready their weapons to explore and unlock new worlds The Capital and The Underworld in Q3 2021, doubling the current amount of content in the game. The ominous anatomical landscape of The Capital connects underground to The Underworld with multiple routes to discover and giants that can destroy buildings.

Arsenals will expand with stylish new weapons coming to the world of Sanctum in the lead up to 1.0. Equip the Shield Gauntlet, which allows players to guard without losing stamina; the Wand that inflicts status ailments with high offensive stats; and the Torch which brightens dark areas. Additional quests from new NPC’s like a frightened ghost girl in The Underworld encourage returning travelers to try out the latest additions and discover new paths.

The future holds more conquests in v1.0 with extra content updates planned for later this year including the story finale, one last new world, more weapons and skills, extra combat element types, as well as post-game content. After the full version releases, Team EARTH WARS plans to award dedicated daredevils with even more tribulating trials in post-launch content planned for early 2021.

The Sanctum now offers four expansive levels with 14-20 hours of playtime, nearly 40 weapons, and more than 100 skills. God-slayers can also enjoy a refreshed UI, quality of life improvements, and new beautiful character artwork by Namie (Fate/Grand Order, Arknights, Azur Lane) in their journeys.

The Early Access version of Lost Epic can be purchased via Steam for $19.99 USD or local equivalent.


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