Ubisoft Australia Unveil gTV ANZ Gaming Channel Project

Featuring Jess McDonald (Previously a face of GameSpot’s video content) and Gus Ronald (Of ‘Good Game’ fame), Ubisoft Australia has today announced their new gTV ANZ gaming channel project. Described as being “created for gaming fans and players”, this Youtube channel is being created to curate “hyper localised content to players in Australia and New Zealand each and every week”… at least around Ubisoft franchises.

gTV ANZ is described by Ubisoft Australia as the following:

gTV ANZ is the destination for all things Ubisoft and is designed to appeal to both newcomers and gaming experts. With new content dropping weekly, episodes will cover everything from the latest Ubisoft blockbusters to the forgotten classics with let’s plays, game challenges, versus mode and much more.

With unique weekly content from taking on an Archæan threat in Rainbow Six Extraction, touring San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2, to going head-to-head in Family Feud, viewers can tune in for a mix of livestreamed and VOD content created from the extensive catalogue of Ubisoft titles.

There is already a lot of content available on the channel, which have each received only a few hundred views apiece. Their first major livestream focusing on Just Cry 5 went live this afternoon, and can be watched on their channel right now.


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