Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade-Style Game Heads First to Xbox Game Pass

Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade-Style Game Heads First to Xbox Game Pass 1

As part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, members get access to an ongoing rotation of perks. Most of these are small pieces of bonus content for select games or discounts, but sometimes they take the form of something more substantial. Ahead of Space Jam: A New Legacy launching in cinemas later this month, fans were invited to submit their ideas for a Space Jam: A New Legacy-inspired video game, which would then be developed by the team at Digital Eclipse (and Granny) and rolled out first onto Xbox Game Pass.

According to Sarah Bond, CVP, Game Creator Experience & Ecosystem at Xbox:

To create the final game, we blended the ideas of two gamers: our youth-competition winner, Narayan from India, and our adult-competition winner, Ricky from the United States. Xbox and Warner Bros. were energized by Ricky’s idea of a classic “beat ’em up” blended with game mechanics that Narayan had suggested. The game is inspired by the upcoming live action/animated feature film with deep reverence for the lively characters in Space Jam: A New Legacy and appreciation of the Tune Squad’s pop culture influence, all while reminiscent of classic arcade games of the 1990s.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade-Style Game Heads First to Xbox Game Pass 2

Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game features the beloved Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny and the newest member of the Tune Squad, LeBron James, as they face the Goon Squad in a wacky basketball beat ‘em up. A rogue artificial intelligence named Al G. Rhythm has trapped our heroes inside the Warner Bros. server, with little chance of escape.

The Tune Squad must fight their way through a virtual army of Al G.’s creation while also searching for four pieces of “Legacy Code” that will allow them access to the nefarious villain’s secret location. Al G. has sent two members of the Goon Squad – The Brow and White Mamba – to stop the Tune Squad in their tracks. Fortunately, our heroes have access to a variety of moves, including a special basketball, and some rather unique Space Jam cards, to help them out. But will their teamwork be enough to stop Al G. Rhythm’s evil plans?

Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade-Style Game Heads First to Xbox Game Pass 3

Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game is available first via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or Windows PC. Redeem the game by visiting the Perks gallery on Xbox consoles within the Xbox Game Pass tab.


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