Five Years In, Overwatch Finally Gets Crossplay Support Across All Platforms

Preferred platform will soon no longer be a thing that players of Overwatch will need to worry about when it comes to playing with friends. Blizzard Entertainment and Activision have today announced that cross-play support will be soon added to the first-person shooter, with a beta test client soon to launch on the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the game.

The only limitation to the planned implementation of cross-play is in Competitive Games. Competitive players will be split into two pools depending on the system that they are playing on: 1) Console players, and 2) PC players. For balance purposes, PC players and console players will not be mixed in the same pool for competitive matches.

An update to will also merge friends lists from different territories into a global friends list, meaning players no longer need to switch regions in to play with friends from somewhere else in the world. The only exclusion to this is China, which will remain its own separate region.

For the release of cross-play, all players will need to do is make a account and link their appropriate console accounts. Everyone who follows the steps below and logs in to Overwatch by 31 December 2021 will receive a Golden Loot Box to celebrate this milestone.

For more information on this update, visit the official Overwatch website HERE.

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