Pac-Man Joins Tetris in Delivering 99-Player Battle Royale Experiences

Need something to fill the gap left by Nintendo’s closure of Super Mario. 35 last month? Bandai Namco Entertainment has followed last year’s hit release of Tetris 99 up with PAC-MAN 99, an online-multiplayer exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, which will see ninety-nine players compete against one another to survive the longest on the field, collecting power pellets while avoiding Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Developed by Arika Co. Ltd, PAC-MAN 99 can be downloaded and played by Nintendo Switch Online members for no additional cost. This new multiplayer experience will add a competitive battle royale experience to the classic game. The biggest additions revolve around the 99-player gameplay. Participants can knock out other players by sending Jammer Pac-Man to opponents’ mazes by touching a Power Pellet and defeating ghosts. Jammer Pac-Man will clog up the competition’s maze and slow their Pac-Man down, making it harder for them to avoid ghosts and clear out their maze of Pac-Dots. In addition to making ghosts vulnerable, Power Pellets also give Pac-Man special abilities including increasing his speed or sending more Jammer Pac-Man to other payer’s mazes. Each ability comes with a drawback so choose your strategy wisely.

While the base game is offered for free, there is also a paid DLC bundle available via the Nintendo eShop. This version of PAC-MAN 99 includes an offline CPU battle mode, private match support, special score/time-attack challenges, and 20 alternate skins featuring classic Bandai Namco franchises such as Dig Dug and Galaga.

With PAC-MAN 99, we continue to grow and expand the PAC-MAN brand that fans have been loving for more than 40 years now. The game also highlights a new milestone in our long-standing relationship with Nintendo to deliver more fun experiences for players. PAC-MAN 99 is a new take on the storied PAC-MAN gameplay, with the quick pick-up and play structure the franchise is known for coupled with the capability to play anywhere thanks to the Nintendo Switch as well as some competitive gameplay for everyone to enjoy.

Herve Hoerdt – Senior Vice President, Marketing, Digital & Content at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe