Unlock ‘Lavos’ In New Warframe Event for Consoles

Developer Digital Extremes are inviting all Warframe players (or “Tenno”) on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to log in for a brand new mech-only event. Titled Operation: Orphix Venom, participants will earn themselves the new ‘Lavos’ Warframe.

In this first-of-its-kind survival event, Tenno will stomp into 1-4 player action, accessing mechs for free, while battling against Sentient forces with only Mechs and Operators. Tenno will earn the 45th Warframe by playing Operation: Orphix Venom, harnessing Lavos’ experimental power to transmute the physical realm and combine Elements with Abilities to thwart the hordes.

This event is only being run for a limited time, and is due to conclude on 22 February 2021. Prerequisites for participating include: Completion of the Cinematic Quest ‘The War Within’ and access to the open-world expansion Heart of Deimos. For new players, this should not pose a major barrier to entry.


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