The Yakuza Remastered Collection Now Available on Xbox and PC Platforms

Having all been released exclusively for the PlayStation 3 initially, it was little surprise that SEGA chose to release The Yakuza Remastered Collection consisting of Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 5 on the PlayStation 4 initially. After being available since August 2019 exclusively on the console, SEGA has today broadened the original games to other platforms.

The Yakuza Remastered Collection features Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 on the chosen platform, with each game remastered, had previously censored content restored and a renewed more-faithful localisation. The first two games have since been fully remade and released separately from this collection. From today, you can now purchase this collection on the Xbox One, the Windows 10 Store and Steam. It is also being offered via the Xbox Game Pass.

You can opt to buy all three games for $39.99 USD or local equivalent, or as individual games for $19.99 USD or local equivalent.

This action-adventure brawler series follows the intense saga of Kazuma Kiryu, a hardened yakuza with an unshakable moral code. Yakuza 3 picks up where Yakuza Kiwami 2 left off, where Kiryu is laying low on the idyllic Okinawa coast until the demons of his former yakuza life re-emerge and force him to choose a side. Join Kiryu in mastering combos to beat up thugs in his path, weaponizing environments, and fighting to protect the ones closest to him caught up in the seedy underworld of organized crime.

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