Disgaea RPG to Receive English iOS and Android Release in 2021. Boltrend Games Share FAQs.

Responsible for bringing a range of niche smartphone gacha games to markets outside of Japan, Boltrend Games has announced that they are working to bring Disgaea RPG to both iOS and Android platforms in 2021. Developed by ForwardWorks and Nippon Ichi Software, this is a free-to-play micro-transaction supported RPG which unites the characters of all five mainline Disgaea games and its various spin-offs.

Disgaea RPG was first released on iOS and Android platforms in Japan back in March 2019, however was promptly shut down soon after due to issues, relaunching in November 2019 – continuing to run since.

Disgaea RPG is expected to release in the first half of 2021, with a closed beta test scheduled to take place from 4 January 2021 until 14 January 2021 inclusive. A full FAQs shared by publisher Boltrend Games can be found below, with more information on their plans for the game:

Disgaea RPG to Receive English iOS and Android Release in 2021. Boltrend Games Share FAQs. 1

When will the game be officially released?
Expected in the first half of 2021

When is the Closed Beta Test?
Expected from January 4th to January 14th, 2021 (UTC-4)

How do I get into the CBT?
We will post the test information on the official website and our other social media outlets. It can be downloaded via google play early access in the regions where it is being held.

Is the translation on the website representative of what kind of translation will be in the game?
The current translation is specifically for beta testing and current screenshots are beta images and do not reflect the final release version. Later, we will be doing a full overhaul and then further fine-tuning. At the same time, we welcome players in the community to help optimize the translation together with any suggestions they may have. We will work hard to present a solid first draft to the players during the public beta. But we are committed to making DISGAEA RPG the best it can be.

What will be different between EN and JP DISGAEA RPG?
Except for the language, the rest of the content is basically the same as the JP version. We will try our best to let everyone experience DISGAEA RPG in its original format.

What will the banner release schedule be like?
Please follow our official website and social media for continuing details on events.

Will events be moved/accelerated to line up with holidays?
Festival events are intended to be carried out in conjunction with the holidays, so the schedule of events will be optimized and adjusted according to the test area, but overall will be consistent with the JP version.

Are the plans for the game to be English-only or will there eventually add more languages?
Please follow our official website and social media, we will announce it as soon as possible when we have any plans for further language support.

[Source: Facebook]

Disgaea RPG to Receive English iOS and Android Release in 2021. Boltrend Games Share FAQs. 2

[CBT start date]

We’re pleased to announce that the CLOSED BETA for DISGAEA RPG shall officially start on Jan. 4th(UTC-4)!

[Time period]This CLOSED BETA is planned to start on Jan.4th and end on Jan.14th (UTC-4).

[Eligible Regions]Canada, Brazil, Australia, Philippines

[Notes] The closed beta will be available via Google Play on Android. This test version does not represent the final release version and all data will be wiped after the test. We sincerely hope to collect valuable feedback from you all to optimize the game. Please get ready for the epic adventure!

[Source: Facebook]


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