Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Releases on PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Square Enix is no stranger to rhythm spin-off games, having found success with their medley of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games for the Nintendo 3DS. This decision made sense, given the many iconic tracks which have been prominently featured in the series since first releasing in 1987. However, while offering a handful of great tracks, many of those in Kingdom Hearts were mere passable recreations of iconic Disney themes or tunes inspired by them. Therefore in June, it came as a surprise that Square Enix and Disney will collaborating on a spin-off game titled Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

Following a demo of the game being released a month ago, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from today. The game will be available both physically and via each respective platforms’ digital storefront – the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Nintendo eShop.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is intended to feature 140 musical tracks along with 20 characters from the series. Players will travel through many Disney worlds in the shoes of Sora and iconic Disney characters, taking down waves of enemies to the beat of both Kingdom Hearts series music and classic Disney tunes. Both single-player and online-multiplayer modes will be available, allowing fans of the series to enjoy the music alone or along with others.

Players of the Nintendo Switch version will also be able to enjoy a Free-for-All Battle Mode with up to seven other players via local play. Through three different play styles, gamers of all ages can choose their level of challenge depending on whether they want to enjoy the songs and adventure without complicated controls or showcase their skills with complex combos to put on the ultimate performance.


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