Not for Broadcast: The Telethon Receives Quality of Life Patch

While the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a halt of the game’s content creation, NotGames and tinyBuild have been hard at work bringing supporters of their FMV puzzle game Not for Broadcast new chapters. Last month the latest spin-off chapter, titled The Telethon, was rolled out to players.

Recorded the moment the developer’s lockdown restrictions were lifted, the chaotic news simulator will take players back into the 50s. The plot revolves around you editing a TV fundraiser for terminally ill children. But not only do you have to fret about old, degraded archival footage, but in true Not for Broadcast style, things go chaotically wrong from the start. In total, there is over an hour of new content in The Telethon, with many familiar faces returning.

If you need a reason to play the chapter again, perhaps now would be a good time to do so. The development team has recently released a new “Quality of Life” update for Not for Broadcast: The Telethon, bringing it a range of bug fixes, improvements and a few new content additions.

You can read the full patch notes below, and check the game out for yourself via Steam.


  • The dance in the Telethon has a fancy new song!
  • You can now watch back sequences you’ve created in the Challenge Room in the Archive!
  • You can now disable subtitles in the Archive.
  • Adverts in the Archive now play on the big screen!
  • Mr Boseman will now give feedback during the Telethon.
  • The Telethon training level can now be skipped.
  • You can now Fast Forward sooner in the Archive room when watching back your Broadcasts!


  • Fixed an issue causing a hang between sequences.
  • Fixed an issue where quitting the Telethon caused it not to save progress.
  • Fixed an issue where rhythm multiplier wasn’t resetting.
  • Fixed an issue where Crazy Neil’s audio was out of sync.
  • Optimizations for loading/navigating archive footage.


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