Microsoft Walks Us Through the User Experience of the Xbox Series X|S From Boot-Up

While games and hardware are arguably the most important elements when it comes to showcasing a new console, the user experience and interface is also up there in terms of importance. After all, this is the console that many of us will be working with daily, weekly or monthly to get us into our next video game binge session. Highlighting the experience that awaits those with launch units on 10 November 2020, Microsoft has shared this walkthrough video for the Xbox Series X|S.

Coming in at almost fifteen minutes in length and hosted by the Xbox Community PM Malik Prince and Principal Program Manager Harrison Hoffman, this video guides you through an “unedited” look at the user experience from boot up. This includes the all-important user interface, how the system handles some of its top tier games, the new in-game menu “Guide”, improvements to the Xbox Mobile App, the redesigned Xbox Store and more. If you want to unbox the console on 10 November and just dive straight into the games, then this might help you learn how to enrich your first moments with the console in your hands.

The Xbox Series X and its cheaper non-disc drive variant the Xbox Series S will both be available worldwide beginning 10 November 2020. However, if you have not pre-ordered it yet then you may be waiting until Late-2020 or 2021 to purchase it due to demand.


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