Get Clicking Your Fingers With Latest Final Fantasy XIV Optional Emote

Find yourself needing to get the attention of others around you?
Are you sick of being a blade user who has no sparks flying from their hands?
Just want another emote to fuel your GPOSE needs?

In their latest update to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store, the game’s development team at Square Enix has made a new emote purchasable. Priced at approximately $7.00 USD or local equivalent for a single character, the Emote: Snap item will give you access to the Ballroom Etiquette – Defter Digits book, allowing your character to loudly snap their fingers. In fact, fingers are snapped so hard that a little spark emerges from their fingers.

An in-lore description for the new optional emote can be found below:

Learn a snappy new way of grabbing your friends’ attention.

An esoteric technique passed down through the ages, whereby an individual places their middle finger and thumb together, building tension until it releases with a thunderous boom capable of splitting the heavens, crumbling mountains…or perhaps a snap just loud enough for your friends to take notice.

As with all other items purchasable through Final Fantasy XIV’s Online Store, the Emote: Snap item is classified as Unique and Untradable, meaning you will be able to sell it on the in-game marketplace or trade it with any other players.

This latest update also coincides with the ability for players on a trial membership to purchase at least select items from the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store without a paid account.


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