35 Mario’s Walk Into World 1-1, and All Chaos Breaks Out

As a free offering for current Nintendo Switch Online members from now until 31 March 2021, Nintendo has today released Super Mario Bros. 35. In a similar vein to the well-received Tetris 99, players will be able to make their way through the iconic Super Mario Bros. world alongside 34 players in different instances. But if you think this is just a friendly race to the finish… you are entirely wrong there.

In Super Mario Bros. 35, each player starts with the same timed stage – whether the iconic World 1-1 or somewhere in the middle of the original NES game. This is the starting ground of a dramatic, battle royale which will unfold over the coming minutes. Not only do players have to progress as far as they can to a time limit, but the most significant threats are the enemies. Not only are Bowser’s goons in their usual spots in each world, but when an opponent defeats one on their course, they receive a small time boost and send that enemy to an opponents screen. 

Go too slow, and you may run out of time. But, go quicker than the pack, and expect yourself to be inundated with swarms of Goombas, Koopa Troopas and more. It might take a bit of learning for those not yet acquainted with the classic 2D side-scroller style of Super Mario Bros., but should hopefully provide a fresh experience for veterans as well. In addition to the standard gameplay mode where players are placed somewhere on the map, there are also Daily Challenges and other special battles for more skilled players to take part in.

Super Mario Bros. 35 has been released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch as part of Nintendo’s 35th Anniversary Celebrations for the Super Mario Bros. franchise.


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