Immerse Yourself in Interstellar VR This October with AGOS: A Game of Space

Premiered during their Ubisoft Forward digital event earlier today, Ubisoft unveiled AGOS: A Game of Space, which is currently in development for virtual reality platforms. Players will be able to pilot their way through eight star systems, navigating their craft through the vast expanses of emptiness on the search for rare resources, perilous threats and more.

AGOS: A Game of Space takes place in the year 2057, with Earth essentially being considered “doomed”. In a desperate move for survival, mankind embarks aboard hundreds of ships, putting its future into the hands of artificial intelligence to guide them to a distant habitable planet in order to rebuild civilization. As the AI operating the very last ship to leave Earth, your mission is to travel for centuries through a perilous interstellar journey to reach this new promised land. No one has heard back from those who left before you.

Immerse Yourself in Interstellar VR This October with AGOS: A Game of Space 1

While this will probably not be as expansive as the other space simulator games at various stages of development on the market, it is good to see that big names in the gaming industry are still dedicating resources to deliver new IPs in the virtual reality space.

Promoted features of AGOS: A Game of Space include:

Experience innovative, realistic, physics-based gameplay.

Travel through eight unique star systems. Harvest rare resources, explore abandoned space stations, fulfil quests, and trade with other ships.

Build probes, unlock new parts, and improve your ship to face all the dangers that space offers to unwary travelers.

Innovative controls for a motion sickness–free experience. Get into the cockpit and get lost in space for hours

AGOS: A Game of Space is being developed for PC-based virtual reality platforms including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality. It is due to launch on 28 October 2020.


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